We see ‘out there’ what we are ‘inside’

A couple of days back I was seeing this movie on TV and my house-help who is a big movie buff joined in to watch.

End of the movie I asked her how she liked it. She said – ‘I liked it, how she hits her husband back’. (‘neejer shaami ke deelo’ in Bangla)

Interesting isn’t it? She was talking about the story of Taapsee’s house help who is regularly abused by her husband till one day she decides to hit back.

What for most of us was the central plot –Taapsee’s story, wasn’t for her. It was something else.

Reflecting on it brought back two learnings on communication

1) Your audience does not ‘see’ 100% of your message, she/he zones in and zones out, picking up bits and pieces.

2) Which pieces they pick up is a function of who they are. Therein lies the criticality of understanding their lens, their insight if you please.

We see ‘out there’ what we are ‘inside’

Whether you are developing a concept or a story, it would help to be mindful of this.