Do you sometimes feel guilty about being ‘lazy’?

Do you sometimes feel guilty about being ‘lazy’? The list of what you ‘know’ you should do, getting much longer than what you actually manage to do or sustain?

The reason is not lack of ‘character’ – nature has designed animals to conserve energy (or being lazy, if we must judge). Not just physical energy, but even mental energy involved in doing things that are not routine/pleasurable (e.g. mindless net surfing vs reading a book).

We resist it unless there is a compelling, imminent threat or incentive. Upcoming exams or client presentations, prospects of winning a gold medal in sports, fear of losing a job, succeeding in the mating game…

When designing your marketing strategy, this is crucial. Marketing is about making humans #change #behaviour. Either towards your category or brand. It runs into the same inertia.

Just presenting what’s good about your offering is rarely enough. (Many clients tell me their task is to build awareness, it isn’t)

You need to identify and trigger the potentially compelling threat or incentive, which would provide the energy for that change. And then your offering as a solution or reward.

This is what we call #insight. 😊