Life from the lens of a married Indian man

Over the last decade, our studies on him have painted a picture of a conflicted, tormented being.What? Men, in a patriarchal society like ours? Kidding, right?

Not if you asked him:

Guilty as a son for living in a nuclear setup, away from parents when they need him

Stressed at work with rising performance demands

Stressed by the ever-rising benchmarks of success in the society, always behind in the race

Harassed by the changing gender power balance reflecting in his relationship with wife

Powerless in his relationship with his kids as they grow more equal & judgmental, faster

Unfulfilled being just the family ‘ATM’, seeking emotional engagement

From the relatively privileged & pampered upbringing being a male child, life turns around dramatically for him post marriage & fatherhood.

Not surprising, #TheFamilyMan series shows most of this but also provides him a fantastical outlet

The man as a hero, saving the world

The average, sarkari, middle-class uncleji as the new James Bond, an idea that was waiting to happen 😁