Our program on understanding insights and brands has been run for over 12 years with a number of marketing teams besides being run as open program for a cross-section of professionals across industries. It has been developed into a full fledged course for MICA as DCCAB (Decoding, consumers, categories & brand brands) running popularly since 2009.

What the program covers:

1 Appreciation of insights – why most people get them wrong
2 Defining business & brand problems from a cultural lens
3 Decoding insights from brand communications
4 Understanding your audience through secondary research, why looking at cinema is useful
5 Listening for insights – qualitative research won’t get you there.
(Live exercise with consumers)
6 Unpeeling – from what consumers tell you, to what lies underneath
7 Framing insights – what is the larger potential meaning of your category, your brand
8 Uncovering your category’s cultural orthodoxy
9 Ideating – brand ideas and archetypes basis insights
10 Developing the brand blueprint

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