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Why the cricket team’s loss bothers the parent in us

In our living memory we’ve never had it so bad in test cricket. At our worst, we were able to force boring respectable draws

And the timing – right after we were ranked the world’s number 1 team in test cricket and won the world cup… arrgh!

Watching our gods struggle…has been about as shattering as…nope I can’t think of a parallel here Rated as one of the best captains in the world till now, Dhoni can’t seem to do a thing right. The wall’s repeated failure to score is less shocking than his inability to do what got him the sobriquet, stopping the ball from reaching the stumps. The languid grace of Laxman is looking arthritic. The god’s 99 hundreds have turned into a collective burden, it would have been so much less painful if he had like 89hundreds right now…

Are the reasons as ‘cricketing’ as they seem above?

Or is something else bothering us deep down?

Rahul, Sachin, Kumble, Dhoni epitomised the ‘good boys’ archetype. Scoring well where it mattered and not letting the success uproot their groundedness. Shining examples of how-we-bring-up-our-boys-right. There was a sense of innocence despite god like ability that made Sehwag and Laxman loveable. Precisely the reasons why we ‘disowned’ bad boys like Sreesanth and secretly felt the bhajji slap was not entirely uncalled for…

As these good boys begin to fail collectively now, the most bothersome question is this – does greed explain this? Should they have made way at the right time for the next generation? And more importantly, when IPL explains why our next crop of good boys is not ready – we begin to wonder if we have failed collectively as a society. The failure to parent the next lot of good boys. The ‘finger’ gestures by ViratKohli and Ishant confirm our worst fears about ‘aajkalkebachce’. Clearly a reflection on us, our culture.As BCCI’s image takes a beating globally, we are worried about how we have turned out to be.We are worrying if we let our success go to our head - in cricket and as a shining economy growing at 7-9% every year.

Try as might to disown them, the evidence just seems to pile up.

Perhaps because we are feeling it right where there is no getting away from it, at our homes. We are worrying if in our race for success and individualism, we might have slipped up in our parenting. And in the process lost the one thing we could always feel good about. Our sanskaar.

Boy I hope our good boys in team India aren’t reading this…the pressure is bad enough already!